Our History — Fruit Cellar

In 1990, SHINE FORTH Co., Ltd. started as a design firm. It was not until 2000 that we began to export Thai fruits to support local farmers.  Our knowledge of packaging design and connections with local farmers has turned us into one of the leading exporters of quality fruits in Thailand. We value both product quality and packaging appearance. We now export our products to different parts of the world— Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and Middle East etc.

We maintain the freshness, taste and hygiene of our produce to make sure the customers receive the best nutritious produce with highest satisfaction.

Thai Mango


Nam Doc Mai Mango is one of the most popular mangoes of Thailand. It has attractive yellow color, thick skin, not easily damage, firm texture, thin seed, less fiber and light aroma. Ripe mango are rich in Beta Carotene,  Vitamin A, C, Calcium and Phosphorus.

We are a specialist in high quality fresh fruits, especially Nam Doc Mai Mango which export almost all year round.