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We specialize in exporting premium fruits, especially Nam Dok Mai Mango,
which we export almost all year round.
Besides packing fresh produce, we also provide OEM services for those looking for certified facility to pack dried herbs, grains, nuts, and more. The possibility of creating quality products is limitless!

Please do not hesitate to contact us about your needs.



We have mango supply for our customers all year round by sourcing mangoes from different parts of Thailand. Our premium mangoes come from areas such as Pak Chong district, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, and the North Eastern part of Thailand where the weather is clear and the temperature is just right.

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Packing House

Our fruits come straight from the field to our packing house. They go through different cleaning stages and quality check to get ready to be packed.

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<b>Packing House</b>


Once the fruits are packed, they are ready to be sent to the airport. We make sure our delivery truck drivers transport the finished goods with care, because thin-skin fruits such as mangoes, are vulnerable to bruises.



After passing through all the quality checks starting from upstream to downstream, our premium mangoes finally get displayed at premium supermarkets for consumers to enjoy. These mangoes can be peeled and eaten fresh, or even blended with other fruits into a healthy juice. For a full Thai experience, it is popular to consume these naturally sweet mangoes with some sticky rice, drizzled with rich, coconut milk!

<b>Fruit Seasonal Chart</b>

Fruit Seasonal Chart

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