Analysis Testing

Service for Analyzing Residues in Fruits and Vegetables

We are pleased to provide services for examine and analysis of residues in vegetables and fruits. As well as dry food, plates, bowls and equipment to ensure they can be delivered to schools, hospitals, fruit and vegetable shops. We also have analytical services for various agricultural gardens too.

There are contaminated checklists as follows;

1. Coliform bacteria
2. Swab test about machinery, equipment, dishes, tools and staff uniforms
3. E-coli test
4. Tests for yeasts and moulds in food
5. Salmonella test
6. Streptococcus aureus test
7. Brix value (%)
8. pH value (%)
9. Test of the alkalinity in the water
10. Testing for chlorine in the water
11. A preliminary test of 4groups of the results
12. Test Kit for Borax in Food
13. Test Kit for Bleach in Food
14. Testing for residue in Food containers

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